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If you could be a superhero who would you be. And what side would you be on


I would be nightcrawler,And i would be Anti reg

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I'd be Ghost Rider and will be on the Anti-Registration side (**** the government).

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I would be myself, plenty of super to go around here!

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I'd be Deadpool and I'd be on the side that made me a sammich.

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i would be i dunno any one of my fav heroes... and i would be on the right side

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I would be Iron Fist, and I would be anti-!

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i would be wolvie and i would be pro.

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id be iceman on anti

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I would be Captain America, Wolverine, and Deadpool mixed together. I would have a robotic adamantium Right arm that would be able to create blades, swords , claws , guns ,etc. kinda like wolverines blades come out of his hands,and be a master swords person, i would have a shield on my left arm.The shield would have a red ring around it on the outside,then a ring of white, then a circle of blue,then thier would be a big star over the shield but not painted on but bolted on that would be able to spin. the star would be like blades that can spin and extend to stab. I could also ride it like a skate board, i would have to Lean forward to get it to go forward.i made One in the paint area but i dont Know how to get it to show you guys/girls,but Ill give it a try by highlighting it and putting it here.The Adamantium Warrior Shield.jpg,if this doesnt work do any of you know how to get it to work. oh and I would Be anti

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I would be Gambit.

I would make a deal with the government to excuse everything i've done in the past and everything i'm going to do in the future.

So I would be Pro

Plus everybody wants to be anti, sooooooo....dnt want to be the same as everybody else

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