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If you could be a superhero who would you be. And what side would you be on


Storm anti

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I'd be Deadpool and I'd be on the side that made me a sammich.


Your welcome!

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I'd be Hulk. Anti side. The world would end if the heroes just quit. They cry back to them.

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I'd be Mimic and I would be Anti

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If it had to be a Marvel character, the Hulk. Preferably Ultimate. On Anti technically, but would threaten to eat anyone that bothered me.

If it could be ANY, even outside Marvel, then The Maxx. I'd just live in my cardboard box, and talk to myself. Probably be Pro, but odds are that someone would almost beg me to switch sides lol

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I be Ghost Rider and Anti side, also I agree with what that Grim guy said F the Government.

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Would have to go with Green Lantern. I know he's DC but he classifies as a hero. Guess the reason being is the rings are powered by the emotional spectrum and the corps harnesses willpower and pretty much is how the world revolves around us for good or ill.

On the Marvel side of things I would have to go with Mr.Fantastic because........all the wonderful things he can do (just ask Sue Smiley Wink

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Punisher, without thought, I would go Anti... if you disagree, think about this...

Who would you rather have lead you into a battle?

-The man who actually fought in WWII, or...

-A Billionaire with a heart problem?

Smiley Tongue

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Emma, Pro..... i like a man in uniform Smiley Wink

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Nightcrawler also (teleporting is the best XD)


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