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Battlezone 1998 Steam re-release suggestion?


I don't know if many have heard about this game but I'll bring it up anyway since it's pretty interesting....

In  February 1998, Activision released a first-person shooting, real-time  strategy remake of the 1980 Atari arcade game "Battlezone". Here's a  preview here:

It was praised by numerous game magazines and websites, even earning a nomination as Gamespot's 1998 Strategy Game of the Year Award.

Unfortunately, many have stopped playing this in recent  years. It's doubtful Battlezone will work properly on modern systems  (Vista, 7, 8, etc.) without setting Compatibility Mode, and the online  multiplayer option's gone because Activision shut down the servers.

However, I heard that Valve had worked with Rebellion to update the latter's 1999 Aliens Vs. Predator game to make it more compatible with mainstream computers, as well as add multiplayer support and widescreen support.

So  I think maybe Valve and Activision should team up to develop and  release an updated version of this forgotten PC classic to make it  compatible with modern operating systems like the ones mentioned, and  perhaps include enhanced graphics, HD support, support for Dolby Audio,  improved AI, and probably support for Mac OS and Linux. In addition they can replace all the old Anet systems with Steam's servers to make Multiplayer support possible again. They don't need  to rush the refurbishment or anything. They can just take their time and  bring this forgotten classic back to recognition and its former glory.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Has anyone played this game before and wished it came back?

Perhaps this should be a great time for Activision to listen to gamers' voices.

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They so should bring back this game, i played battlezone 2 for 7 at least years as i was growing up there is no other game out there and if they could revisit this game type the would be filling a gap in the gaming industry, i know of a game being made called Bionite: Origins, but battlezone would have to be brought back it was perfect in every way im only 20 years of age and still play it to this day, if other people in the gaming environment could kickstart the game again gaining interests via website like twich and youtube, it could bring it to life, i know it sound stupid by saying just give battlezone 2 a make over by updating the graphics and the compatibility but come on, bungie have done it for alot of halo so im pretty sure they could for battlezone, i know for a fact i'd spend up to 100 pound to relive my childhood on that game!

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