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Avengers Assemble!


Well, it's too late!  I'm an EMH fan, and I'm angry! haha, not really.  I'm just disappointed... Not to sound like their parents or anything.  It really is too bad that Marvel doesn't seem to know what to do with their cartoons anymore, though.  They keep scrapping good ones to create new ones that are just awful. 

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So guys over at superherohype they had a quick article about the show and that it was available at itunes. Read the comments from people who had watched it and every one of them said it sucked! They all missed EMH and don't know what Marvel is thinking.

So Marvel has it together for their movies but are being pretty clueless about Avengers. EMH was great, was not complicated at all unless you were under 8 years old. I am not sure what the writers at Marvel are thinking when they make statements like that but man I would like to be able to talk to them and set them straight. Based on Rogue's review and another several from the site I mentioned I have very little desire to invest any time into the show, kinda sad.

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