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in reply to Hawkeye

Well, we've got a director now, Peyton Reed. Can't really say I know much of his work, but I hope it's good stuff. But Adam McKay (Anchormen) is helping out with this, that's pretty cool.

It's really too bad they don't have enough time to change the focus from Scott to Hank. I mean I'm totally cool with having Scott (especially if it leads to Cassie coming in some time soon), but I really want Hank and Jan...

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in reply to NovaSongbird

Interesting news about Evangeline Lily's character being Hope Van Dyne, the daughter of Hank Pym (and Janet Van Dyne I would presume).  Having no real connection to the character at all, this news doesn't really bother me (or excite me too much either).  I'm kind of just in "wait and see" mode right now.

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in reply to Jadryx1

I'm really happy Jan is gonna be with Hank and not Scott Lang, though Hope Pym/Van Dyne is kinda a terrible name, haha.  It makes me wonder where is Jan though?  Did she die?  Is she still around but not in the movie?  Is she in the movie and we just haven't heard any casting yet?  I'm still just feeling like I would have vastly preferred a movie with Hank and Jan, whether it be set in the present or the 70's.  We didn't hear anything from SDCC to really sell me on this yet.

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