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So I paid $40 in the game for no reason.

Guitar Hero Live Support


I've grown up playing Activision gamed most my life. I've never hated a company more in my life like I do right now. This is just bs. I got the game 12/25/17 (the party edition which included $20 in hero cash) and put 10 or 20 of my own into it. When I opened the box,  everything was fine. But it just so happened that one of the USB connectors didn't work. (Party edition comes with 2 guitars and 2 connectors) I didn't really need both so i  said the hell with it. Idk when it was but around the time I bought it i put 10 into it. Later (around the summer)  i found the paper that come with the box.  It was a free $20 for hero cash. So I put that in and I didn't even finish up all my plays but the time they decided to cancel ghtv. Im pretty much just trying to get a refund to my account. I pretty much only bought the party edition for the extra guitar and connector,  but I still put that 20 dollars in the game,  so I wanna know if there is any way I can get a refund for the money I wasted. Thanks. 

Luke Vesay
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If you have windows 10 and a PC what i would do instead is get Clone Hero and get a 360 dongle so you can use it on PC + there no plays, microtransactions and all the things that made GHL pretty bad for most people.


Here a video on how to set it up Smiley Happy

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