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Corrupt Data, wiped all progress, 91% to Platinum, no time to restart

Guitar Hero Live Support

It's probably pointless posting here, but I got this blue error message like usual when playing the game and I got a message saying that I have corrupt data when I tried to re-open the game. All of my trophy progress (that aren't completed) have been reset. The only GHTV ones I have remaining were the one where you use 100 Plays and Strumillionaire. I was at around 20 plays left until 100. I was wondering if I can somehow get some plays back (80 would be nice) because I know GHTV will be shutting down soon and there's literally no way to get 100 plays by the 1st of December. I was almost halfway to Strumillionaire but I don't really care about that as I can easily just strum continuously every song until complete. A month wasted due to this stupid error feels so bad.

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Registered: ‎21-11-2018

I know your pain. My save file corrupted last night and I lost my progress to my Loitering throphy (7 out of 10 days) as well as my plays, strumillionar, and Pointdexter trophies. I wouldn't feel that bad in making those ones up but I am very worried about my loitering one with the servers shutting down very soon leaving that one to be unobtanable. 

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Registered: ‎26-11-2018
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