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Anyone else miss the old school 5 colour controls?

Guitar Hero Live Support


Just feels like they’ve taken the game down such a serious rout. I bought GH live and was shocked at how boring, yes challenging but just a 100% step backfrom what made GH great. I dont mind GH on ipad because it kinda hasn’t that old school feel to it but the fact is, if I wanna play a real guitar I’ll go out and buy one. I understand the need for improvement and inovation but to completely change the controls is a slap in the face. The 5 colour controls is much better. always has always will be.  The popularity of the older guitar hero’s vs GH live should be a *****in wake up call for any future release. P.S still waiting on guitar hero VR. (Old controls please) 

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Registered: ‎22-09-2018
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