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Need help - Guitar Hero

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I'm doing a thesis on Guitar Hero and I really need your help to fill out very short surveys. These surveys are designed for people who bought either music or an instrument after playing the game.

For those who bought music: The influence of Guitar Hero on music sales

For those who bought an instrument: The influence of Guitar Hero on instrument sales

I know it's boring to fill out surveys but it's the only way I have to collect data for my thesis and it takes less than 2 minutes to fill them out. I know my fellow master students can relate to this situation so be a bro and share these surveys with as many people as you can and I'll give you some nice cookies. Like a big jar full of cookies. Trust me.

As you can imagine I'm really struggling to find people to answer them so any kind of help from you would mean a lot to me.

Thank you guys

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Registered: ‎20-09-2015

Awesome stuff. Good luck on your thesis. I'll fill them out. \m/

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Is your thesis purely on Guitar Hero or does it include Rock Band? You see, Guitar Hero has never inspired me to buy music or an instrument, whereas Rock Band has inspired me to buy a drum kit and a bass guitar, both of which I'm pretty proficient in now. RB has also inspired me to buy a few albums on Amazon... but GH never has.

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filled it out 4 u bro

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Done, good luck!

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