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Backstage Chatter: Welcome to Off Topic

Guitar Hero Live Off Topic



Welcome to Off Topic

Off Topic is the place where you can talk about anything unrelated to Guitar Hero. If you want to chat about music, where you got your sandwich, or needing a new name for your band, this is the place to do it.

Just in case you guys need a bit of help ‘reaching out and touching’ each other, FreeStyleGames have got some suggested starter questions here you could ask each other:

Who are your Guitar Heros?

Well, it wouldn’t be an Off-Topic forum for Guitar Hero without asking the age old question. Who are your Guitar Heros?

Cat person or dog person?


What do you have planned for the weekend?

It’s okay if the answer is not always “Playing Guitar Hero.”

Are you a musician? Show!

If you’re a musician, own an instrument or want to chat about music, here’s where you can let that flag fly.

We’ll feature the best discussion threads, and this thread can serve as “THE MASTER” for any threads that become mega.

Enjoy Off Topic, don’t get too rowdy.


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