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Question about sound

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion

I have to turn my sound bar to max to get it loud, all other games work fine even rock back?  I have it streaming dolby digital on ps4?

Anyone have this game sounding good?  If so what soundbar do you have?

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Registered: ‎22-10-2015

What audio settings do you have for your TV, game and console? Make sure all settings coincide. For example if you are using HDMI, make sure all settings across the board are set to that. Same for TV speakers vs 5.1 surround, etc...



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have the same feeling,

parameters are correct, seems like I can't ear correctly the song. try to change sound options, basically, all the sounds (guitar, singer ...) are at the same level.

when I put guitar to max, and lower the rest it sounds better, but the crowd parasites too much the rest I think, I'll try tonight to lower it only again

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