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I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions, and I want you to answer them immediately .....( in my best Arnie voice)

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion

First of all I'd just like to say YAY \o/ that there is a new GH game in the works!!!! and i have some questions in and about said GH game if thats ok!

1. What are the chances of this new game using the instruments ( mainly drum kit ) from previous installments of the game, and will you be adding the ability to play other instruments al a the previous games of this type ( GH world tour etc) ??

2. I know its early days but can we PLEASE get some ska music? with bands like Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats, Goldfinger and Suburban Legends out there that have a guitar and horn driven sound you could easily have some music from their extensive back catalogues, and I would be sure they would be up for more exposure!

3.speaking of SKA and speaking of instruments (see what i did there.....) you could possibly, maybe, i don't know...... make a fancy electronically fandangled SKA HORN!!!!

same principle as the guitar the 3 valves on top to press to keep track on the screen maybe incorporate a 'blow' mechanic that would allow for note replication ( short blow long blow that kind of thing),

Anyway you can see i have been sitting on this for a while, and i think it might be the kind of idea/s that would have a shot at working as there are quite a few artists that these ideas would open up to you.

Get back to me i'd love to hear your thoughts

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If I had to guess the answer to your questions:

1. There still isnt much information about this game, but if feel as though they would have mentioned other instruments during the initial reveal if anything more than guitar would be playable. At this point, the only instrument I can see also coming in would be bass guitar or rhythm guitar. With that in mind, I doubt they'll allow you to use old peripherals. The guitar is completely different from the old 5 button variety, and they haven't announced drums and vocals. I would give this a hard no. Rock Band 4 is trying to make old instruments work, so if that's a selling point for you, look their way

2. They have announced that with GH TV they'll have HUNDREDS of songs right from the get go, plus they'll be adding more over time. I highly highly HIGHLY doubt they'd miss having some ska bands/music in the game. Are they going to be the specific bands/songs that you want to see? I don't know. With that in mind, Ska has been horribly under-represented in the past games. With that also in mind, Brit Pop and Indie was also horribly under-represented in the past games, and they seem to dominate the set list so far.

3. Considering that GHL won't even be including older playable instruments, and considering the last time a game experimented with a new instrument (Keys) didn't go so well, the horn is also a hard no. I think everyone would agree that it would be cool and there would a lot that you could do with the horn instrument, considering you could play more than just Ska with it (like more classical stuff), but its not very feasible. For one, to include the instrument you'd need to base the setlist of the game around it. If GHL comes with 10-20 Ska songs then cool, but thats not enough to support an entire peripheral. It would need its own game or at least dedicated setlist. And two, considering these games are traditionally party games, how do you handle someone playing a few songs and then handing off the instrument with the mouthpiece part covered in their spit? Making "mouth pieces" could be costly and its unlikely everyone would just bring their own instrument. Cool in theory, not great in execution. Hopefully some indie devs jump on this new rhythm game explosion happening with a an idea like this

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