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Hero Live Guitar controller compatible with old games?

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion

Head line says it all.

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Sorry to say that the new guitar will not work properly on the older GH titles. The difference here is that the older Guitar Hero games are basically 5 buttons while Guitar Hero Live guitar has 6 buttons. Also, the old GH guitars are made by Red Octane and the new GH guitar is made by Freestyle Games which means that the new guitar will not be able to play other GH games like Guitar Hero, GH 2, GH 3, GH:WT, GH 5, GH:WoR and Band Hero properly.

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My dad got me Guitar Hero WoR and Guitar Hero 5. I had no other controller besides the Guitar Hero Live guitar. I’m pretty mad know that I can’t play Guitar Hero. I have the sync chip and the guitar for Guitar Hero Live but not the disc. So he went to Gamestop and got these two games. I thought this would happen so I told him and he got pissed. So yeah I’m probably not going to get it.

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