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Guitar Hero Live X360 - why is there no bundle? Else will the Wii U version run on the Wii with all the LIVE channels?

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion

Very excited for Guitar Hero LIVE.

There is no bundle pack for the X360. Why?

Will there be a second guitar sold seperately?


Will the WII-U bundle work on the Wii?  Heck, does the Wii have internet?  I never looked.

I am trying to figure out how my house is going to look and where gaming station going to be,  My office area/living room will have x360 and xbox1, kids room has PS2 and PS3, downstairs xbox original and PS4, and the 4th room has a WII.  I was planning on adding another x360 for Guitar Hero LIVE but the girl wants 2 guitars, so how do I do this?

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There probably isn't a 2-guitar bundle for the xbox 360 because it is a last generation console. Not that its a bad thing, but its probably not their main target, and are expecting sales of the Xbox One version to surpass it, which would mean that xbox one would get the bundle.

I don't believe any news has been announced yet of if separate guitars can be purchased.

On wii U/wii subject, it depends on how the controller works. If it works off of the wii remotes like the old games then it will probably work on both consoles. If the wii U version works off of the Wii U Pro Controller interface then it will most likely not work on the Wii.

And yes, the Wii has internet. Whether or not it will be able to run GHTV smoothly without lag however remains to be seen.

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I did see EBGames has Xbox 360 guitars on pre-order for nearly $70 so I can doubt that you might be able to get the guitar on it's own. As to Xbox 360 not getting the 2-guitar bundle, it's a previous gen console so there is no need for a 2-guitar bundle and the 1-guitar bundle costs less than the 2-guitar bundle for a next-gen console.

For your Wii questions, yes. All Wii consoles have wifi built-in so it won't be a problem unless you have connection issues. So for your extra guitar for Xbox 360 then I advise to look around or lend one from a friend who plays the same game.

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