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Death Metal in Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion


I've been a fan of GH since it came out, I even played the similar games at my local arcade when I was little! Now I'm a lot older and would like to see more mature songs in this upcoming game. I was happy when I played Deathklok's Thunder Horse in GH2 and Slayer's Raining Blood in GH3, now I want to see some sick Death Metal in here! I'm not just talking about any old band, I'm saying look at some stuff with a lot of groove in it so you don't feel like your playing some jud jud jud low tuned guitar stuff. Six Feet Under, Putrid Pile, Black Dahlia Murder, Decapitated, Dying Fetus, etc. It would be cool to get some Technical Death Metal for the more advanced players. What would you like to see in GHL? Post it up! Lets make this a reality!

I cant wait for this game to come out its looking better every time I see it!!

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Registered: ‎22-04-2015
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