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I probably dont speak for everyone but I personally feel like there is a void in my life with the loss of Guitar Hero Live TV services.  I have been playing the Guitar hero series since the early days of GH2 and have kept up with it since then always trying to better myself and get those high scores.  The revolutionary concept of using live video and pairing you up against a group of other people all trying to get the best score made the competion part of the game extremely enjoyable and was soo much fun.  With that being lost now and the "campaign" the only thing left to play in the game it honestly doesnt feel the same and just isnt that fun anymore.  Rivals was a huge part of my life for a while, competing against other players and making friends at the same time with a shared passion in the game.  The main goal of writing this post is to see how many other people feel the same way and if it is possible to gain enough interest from the community in order to show them that a new Guitar Hero is needed.  It is a game that was is played by people of every age and is a great way to get people interested in music as well as videogames.  Guitar Hero Live will always have a place in my heart even with the cancelation of one of the best services to come to video games.   LETS GET HYPE AND TRY TO GET A NEW GAME MADE!!!!!

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Registered: ‎26-03-2014
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