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Questions about moving from GHWT to GH5

Guitar Hero 5

I have a Wii and have a couple dozen DLC songs that are currently stored on a 2GB SD card. My plan is to get GH5 and a much larger SD card so that I can use the songs from GHWT and Smash Hits with GH5.

Does anyone know how much it will cost to transfer the songs and which songs won't be transferable? All I've seen is that it will be possible, but nothing very specific.

Also, any idea how I'm supposed to transfer my old DLC from the old SD card to the new SD card? I'm very happy that GH5 will be able to take advantage of the larger SD cards, but I'm wondering how that's going to work.



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There is a list now another topic with the six that they think will not make it over.

The fee has been reported it be about 3 bucks but that is to import GHWT. There was a list going around with about 35 songs but that was on the old fourms.

There is no fee for your DLC it will just carry over to the new game.

I think the Wii will just redownload all your songs to the new SD card. You will not transfer it, just put it on the new card.

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that list of 35 songs was a fake according to this mornings old forum. There was something about on video and so yeah it was a fake

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