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Album Art In GH5

Guitar Hero 5

An IGN interview about the use of SDHC Cards on Wii confirmed the use of Album Art in GH5.

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GHasFreaks wrote:


So in order to compete you just want to copy everything Rockband does. That is why this series is fll of sh*t

Sure they copy some good ideas, its called competing. Plus album art is something that anything related to music should have. No one says Rock band is copying mp3 players that show album art. Also, there is party play, notes during sustains, open note, vocal and drum starpower anytime, plus other things that guitar hero has added that aren't copied

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I hope there is album art when you pick your song buti don't think there is

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It should be like in GH3, and for each venue there was a little stamp/sqaure thing on the side with a different design, but instead it would be the album artwork for each song.

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They show it on the music page on the list for the GH5 setlist. I'm not crazy about a lot of it, but still a welcome addition. And I hope that that's part of the DLC update and the exporting.

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This would be a great idea also artwork for DLC

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