Why can't I see my Dam operations anymore? (Xbox 360)

Ghosts XBOX 360

So First I'll like to say excuse my language for anyone who get defensive.


If you know your way around the Xbox 360 setting stuff like that Scroll to the bottom.

Alright so the topic says everything I can't view my operations at all it's driving me crazy! When I click on Operation It puts me back to the start where it says

*Xbox live

*Local Play

*System Link


Or I've had it put me in the last lobby I was in but with no one in it and it won't even search for player's.

I've also tried doing it when I'm in a lobby with player's all it dose it flash my screen and nothing happens or pops up.

So What Actions Have I took you may be asking. The first step I took was go to Xbox box dashboard ( The place where you are at when you first turn on your Xbox 360). Then pressing {RB} going all the way to the right where the tab is on settings.Once I was there I click on the System

in the setting tab. When you click on the System you be at a window and here your options

*Console Settings

*Kinect Settings


*Network Settings



*Xbox live vision

*Initial Setup

So I went on to Storage and click on it. This where it shows Any external Hard drive plug into your Xbox 360.

( where all your Memory/Saved Games goes )

So Example what I see is

*Hard Drive

*Cloud Saved Games

So I go down to the Hard Drive where all my games saves are.

Once I have the hard Drive selected ( with the game saves ) in the bottom right there are Three Options

* (A) Select

* (B) Back

* (Y) Device Options

So I click on the Y button for Device Options. Once there another window is open that has four options



*Clear System cache

*Transfer Content

So I click on clear system cache about good three times

( Clear system cache post to fix all the bugs/errors)

Once that was done I spam the button (B) to go back to the Xbox Dash board then press {LB} back to the tab Home and then start up the game Nothing happen did not work like it post to do.

So my Second Action was to go back to the Setting Tab in xbox Dash Board went back to the System. Once there went to the Storage Click on the hard drive ( with all my games saves ) click on the Games and Apps ( First top option )

went to find the Call of duty: Ghost save spot Deleted the

Call of Duty(R): Ghost Title update

and went back to the spot to launch the game and re download it still didn't work can't see my operations still So I tried

Reinstall the game ( Disk 2 ) again ( and yes I did deleted the Install Content before installing the game again and once again still didn't work.

So if you got any other suggestions I'll like to hear it 


Alright so this paragraph is for people who know there way around the xbox 360 without reading the whole paragraph up there

So I can't see my operations I've Tried clearing my system cache about good three times didn't work

I've also deleted the Call of duty(r): Ghost title update

still didn't work

and I even Reinstall the STILL didn't work

if you got any other options let me know this is getting real frustrating

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update coming tomorrow hopefully fixing this  for many ppl .

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omg I hope so

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Join the club, been without ALL WEEK. sucks so much. If they don't fix it tomorrow…god rest IW and Activision in an unmarked grave, lol. They will have a huge number of players eating. Just hope it doesn't screw something else up...

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plain and simple, this game was NOT READY for release.  Should have been delayed.

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Normally, the step that follows clearing the cache three times is to reboot the system. I doubt it will help, but did you do that?

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@kandagawa I have and it didn't work ty for trying

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There already some Dam threads on this, one with an ATVI Assist member trying to offer assistance, try the search tool

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