The definition of a patch update

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The definition of a patch update

As gamers we all know when the term "Patch Update" shows up, it means the game is getting better for the most part. Well, this so called "Patch Update" has been nothing short of pointless. Let's crunch the numbers (since IW and Activision are too lazy to provide and post patch notices).


  • Clan wars mechanics- along with an app update there is more to clan stuff to ready for clan wars (even though there is still issues with people being in the clan but not on the roster or vis versa).
  • Some basic game mechanics- IDK what right now, but there must have been something...
  • The addition on ONE game type- yay? search was not my favorite game type, but I'm not going to be prejudice, good addition for many people. This should have been there from the beginning, not have to be put in later.
  • *More to come as encountered*


Mother of god…where to start...

  • Spawn points- still screwed up (last game played, my entire team did nothing but spawn at one post, regardless where the enemy team was, IE-full dom of spawn killing. multiple occurrences of this over an hour in multiple game types).
  • Lag- not rampant like it was, but still somewhat present (not saying this is an unlatched bug, just listing issues that are still present).
  • OPERATIONS- This is a huge issue! A patch update is supposed to fix problems like these! We have been getting messages along "a patch will arrive Friday to help solve this issue" in almost all posts regarding the issue. So, where is it then? (being one of the many affected, I am not being impatient, just getting annoyed with false advertisement and promises from these people).
  • Domination credit- I have noticed any time I help cap a dom post, I get no credit towards killstreaks. I am not sure if this intentional, if it is…why would they do something like this? (further breaking the teamwork bond in this game).
  • Clan mechanics- This is in both places, as mentioned above, some parts are still sketchy.
  • *More to come as encountered*

This is just what I have noticed after playing for an hour and a half today after this "Patch." I just hope both companies know what they are doing, and they get it done ASAP. I still play online for, against majority belief, credit towards your inaccessible operations STILL COUNTS! You just have to go the extra mile and look through your patches, etc to find progress bars. Again, I am not being impatient, just annoyed at the lack of progress made up to this point. I understand it takes a while, but having hundreds of thousands of complaints on ONE issue (operations), you would think they would concentrate on that over one silly game type (speaking of which, why not ground war, CTF, or any of the others they took out?).

If you have any other additions, please add them in. IW and Activision need to take the time to fix what is currently out there, not sink all of there time into an "already complete and ready to play next-gen game" that they say they have. I for one, are waiting for the last possible minute to upgrade this game, and Feburary or so for the system, but that's just me being cautious about the horrors of what might be wrong for the "next generation of gaming."

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Just as an FYI, they are releasing patchnotes, even if you disagree with the content inside, and they are listening to feedback. There are much more constructive threads than this. Search for them and add to them.

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