Hey COD! Keep giving us the finger why don't ya?

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Hey COD! Keep giving us the finger why don't ya?

Just because some people play hardcore does not mean they shouldn't have either the same game modes or at least more than three game modes to choose from. Call of duty, you are screwing yourselves over and over again. We pay the same money for your game as every single person that plays core so why are you treating us like second class citizens? At the rate you're going you might as well release your next press release and tell us the truth "we don't give a flying f*** about our hardcore players." Why don't you see the obvious distaste you are creating for this game by limiting a lot of your player population on the ability to play the games they love and have stuck to for at least 3 games. I paid for 2 copies of this game so my husband and I could both play, I paid for a season pass so I can get all of your DLC. Almost $200 dollars later and I can't even play the game that I like? You people are moronic.

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