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bring something diffrent then the M4s or Scars. like RK 62, M8, Valmer M82, Vepr or something like that.

New level system

fucking innovation! take risks! we would be happy if you would take risks and do something new!

Support sniping instead quickscoping!

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Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

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1. Allow player to REMOVE knife and/or prone from the sticks. Nothing worse when I'm trying to quickly aim my weapon when I suddenly prone or knife; which always leads to a death. It's stupid they didn't give this choice from the beginning.

2. Don't punish people for leaving a match unless IW is sure that lag isn't the issue. Which it usually is.

3. Kick campers. Unless you're defending a flag your team has captured, there's no excuse to camp.

4. Stop nerfing weapons unless they're clearly over powered compared to their real world versions.

5. Stop making over-powered shotguns.

6. Make Prestige more attractive. Try giving me a new weapon. Simply giving me an extra loadout slot and a wonky looking icon next to my gamertag is not enough.

7. Stay on top of lag comp. Don't drag your IW butt when there are lag issues, like 3arch has been doing with BO2.

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Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

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I would love to see following features in COD Ghosts:

1 Combat Training like in Black Ops 1 / with prestiging

2 Silmilar to MW3 style killstreak system, where you could set up different killstreaks to a different class

3 Similar to MW3, improved / support / assault / specialist / killstreak system

4 Predator Missile , Chopper Gunner and dogs killstreak

5 More guns / this is fps / I need more guns

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