spamming invites

Ghosts Wii U

what can be done about this? its been going on for a half hour straight. nnid jordanbros will not stop sending one invite after another, over and over literally blinking the "invited to game" message on my screen. even blocking in miiverse doesnt help.

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Funnily enough I get a lot of invites too, probably for two reasons, if we back out to pick up a team mate, it leaves a lobby waiting for ages for a game, due to low numbers, but the one I suspect most is they want me in the games for easy kills to help them rank up faster

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Disable notifications?

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Had the same problem on Black Ops 2. It's annoying.

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I had that problem happen to me once in BO2. What did I do? I accepted the invite, because I COULDN'T FIND A FREAKING MATCH. Anyways, I was in a party with fissure, and miraculously, we both ended up in this dude's lobby. We pwned, as usual, and the guy was never heard from again.

So TL;DR the answer to all your problems is Fissure.

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