Yet another COD without manual/guide

Ghosts Wii U

I agree with this.  I can accept not putting a booklet in the game to save money or whatever.  Although, I do think that's just being greedy, but hey, we're saving trees here too so whatever.  But why do I have to buy a strategy guide now days to know how a killstreak works?  Or why do I have to look it up on youtube?  That crap should be in the e-manual.  When I was moving I found the instruction booklet for Super Mario World for the SNES.  That thing was like a book. It told you how to do everything.  Same with Mario 64. You just don't get that stuff anymore.  Why?  Because greedy corporations want you to spend more money for the strategy guide.  Lame.  Sure I can figure things out in this game as I go, but back in the day you never had to do that.  I used to read the manual and memorize what does what before I popped the game in.  I miss those days.

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With a game like this, more or less a remake with bits of old games, being lazy with only one thing in mind, its all about the money..

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If any wii veterans remembered, bo1's manual promised dlc

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