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No words.

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I agree with the last point. I'd totally support AA gone forever.

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for all controller? ok im in.
only wiimote? nope.
only ccp? wont work.

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yup the aim assist is gone

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I noticed you're having problems with this game too. You rage quit twice playing against us and everytime you join our lobby you drop out before the game starts. Could be several reasons for that but I know which one I'm going with

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He couldn't handle your sick DJ skillzzz

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im so sick of the past few years of this da hate/crying. if you want to tell somebody how to play and what to use, youre a totaly pu$$y. i use the consoles PRIMARY controller config. if you have a problem with that play pc.

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OP doesn't realize that Aim Assist was put back the same day(Or was it the next day? Heck, I think it was a few hours) it was taken away.

Was is it with youtubers overdramatizing/overreacting to everything?

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