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It's been over a week since Aim assist was taken away from Wii  Remote Users. Although I agree that the ACOG Aim assist was very OP the ADS snap for Wii Remote was very helpful. Right now in MP there is aim assist for DA users but none for Wii Remote users and that's not fair to them. Please make whatever changes you feel made, but return Aim Assist to the Wii Remote users. Another solution so everything is fair take, TAKE OFF AIM ASSIST FOR DA USERS AS WELL AS WII REMOTE until there is a good balance and not one stronger than the other

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wiimote aa is back and has been for days stop blaming your poor gameplay on da.

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Your dumb, AA has been back for like 2 weeks...fix your settings, and stop complaining. AA is fine as it is.

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Check this link: AA

Here is a quote from A_Trey_U on that thread where a few others also haven't realised that Aim Assist is back:

A_Trey_U wrote:

It's working the way it's meant to.

They did remove it while they fixed an exploit but it is back now, minus the exploit.  It's called Aim Assist.  Not Aim Bot.

One thing that you could try is tweaking your Wiimote settings.  Play around with them and you may find that you can either make better use of the way the AA is intended to work or, better yet, find that you are a much better player without it.

I've used the Wiimote since the CoD: MWR days and I've only ever found AA to be more of a hinderance than an assistance.  I am in no doubts that there are people that prefer/require the use of AA but you should focus on making it work to assist you instead of relying on it.

Removing Aim Assist for every controller would be fantastic, but I am wise enough to know that Dual Analog controllers do require some assistance with aiming due to the lack of fine precision that that controller provides.  This is where slowing down the aim helps when aiming near an enemy.

However, I think we can all agree that there should never be any kind of "snap on" for any controller.

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there is no snap. and da aa has been nerfed on ghost, which im happy about. no more of that pull that made aiming at multiple enemies so diffucult. im one of the few da users thats wanted less aa, and im glad it was addressed this title. anybody trying to use da or da aa as an excuse for losing gun battles needs to stop, because its not even a remotely valid complaint, just an excuse for poor play.

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There is ADS snap, but its less powerful than I thought.  You can go into a local match and see how it works.  Keep the cursor box anywhere on the enemy and it will center on the enemy when you go ADS.  Now if the curso box is does not have the enemy in it, it just goes straight with no pull.  You have to have the enemy in your cursor box before going ADS for the snap to work.  Its the only form of AA that they use for Wii Remote.  DA's AA is pretty modest as well, it defintely slows your aim when your on the enemy.  Pick your poison.

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I tried it a few days ago in core. I must be missing something because I still noticed nothing. You would think that someone who has never used it before would notice something, unless the because of the horrendous lag I'm just dead before it kicks in..

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uh, i use ccp...

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I finally found the game used and decided to give it a shot...God I hate the Wiimote AA!  I dont know if its my settings, but when Im running around (not scoping or ads, just sprinting, walking or standing still), my cursor suddenly jumps to a point on the screen and starts tracking someone at the other end of the darned stage.  Its so annoying and distracting that I think Im just gonna turn AA off.    

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There's still a snap on for wiimote. It works fairly well, and it can be unfair at times. I would love for it to be gone, but then people would start blindly hating on DA...

I guess the devs don't want wiimoters to start a freaking riot...you know...again.

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