What happened to the "Dedicated Servers"?

Ghosts Wii U

Enough of this listen servers. I guess Activision fooled a lot of people on the dedicated servers promise.

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im sure treyarch doesnt have any say in that matter so we shouldn't blame em'.
and for what its worth apparently its just a subpar solution. doesnt get rid of bad connection players that run trough a bulletstorm
like nobodys business.

i played with some buddys against a well known bad connection champ.
with 3 people we shot him from to to head......he gets hit like a punching bag
and kills all of us with 2-3 bullets each.....

same with heli pilot. some people die after one shot, others seem
to eat the bullets and just dont care.

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CAL619GUY wrote:

When is Infinity Ward / Treyarch turning them on for the Wii U Ghosts community? DON'T FORGET ABOUT US!

I highly doubt it, as the PS3 and Xbox don't even have them. It's such a lie.... they claim they're using a 'hybrid system' (1/2 dedicated, 1/2 listen-servers), but it just seems like normal servers..

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Activision will pay for this on their next COD game. I for one won't be buying the same crap in the future.

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get real we could all burn our copies and they could quit developing for u and it wouldnt make any difference in sales.

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I for one also play on PC (all the previous COD games except Ghosts). There's lots of gamers out there who play this game on multiple platforms. I know of one PC COD clan (that I help built a website before) who got stuck with COD4 because of the non-dedicated server & now this hybrid listen server. If Activision thinks it can fool a lot of gamers then it's wrong. If their way of clanning is the Elite thing minus a true dedicated server then it's going to fail.

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