What happened to the "Dedicated Servers"?

Ghosts Wii U

You don't allways get Dedicated servers you will get listen-servers and sometimes you might be on dedicated servers, depending on which offers the better connection

Infinity Ward clarifies how Call of Duty: Ghosts servers work - Charlie INTEL Blog: Call of Duty Gho...

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They're not on yet. Until then:

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No sir, you get nothing... but a like XD

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LOL! You out of all people think you have some say here? cute.

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Wasn't the last thing they said was that we were getting them, they just didn't know when? One would think it would be prior to Christmas. I'd think the last thing they want is for people to buy this game, get frustrated with lag in a game that was designed for dedicated servers which causes issues if the dedis aren't there, and have them not play again/as much. Seems like poor decision making to get them online after Christmas. If it's March/April and they still aren't online, then they won't be coming. Nobody will put up the dough to buy/rent dedis 1/2 way through the game's life.

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I'll bet you anything that we won't get them. Numbers of players are dropping like flies. I mean 150 people at times? Why would they bother?!

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a) it's only November, Christmas should boost numbers (although the learning curve on this game is huge so I doubt they'll stick around)

b) adding dedi's will bring some back who stopped playing due to lag

c) patches will bring some back who stopped playing due to in-game issues

d) hopefully those who left due to BO2 will come back with Ghosts

I think the greatest failure of Wii U Call of Duty is that neither Activision nor Nintendo spend any of their marketing budget on us to promote the game. How in the world do they expect to sell the game on here with large enough profit margins to continue selling this series to us, give us DLC, or dedi's? They shoot themselves in the foot constantly. Add their Microsoft exclusivity hindering a lot of that and I honestly don't see us getting this series for much longer. Which is a shame because I think Wiimote and Call of Duty is the best FPS match you could get. Fun as hell. But they won't spend non-development budgets on us, which creates the reasons they have for either limiting support for the game, not offering DLC/dedi's, or not developing for the Wii U in the future. They have people waiting and willing...they just don't market to them. It's a shame.

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Its far more serious than that, Bo2 had a couple of thousand online, 3 to 4000 (sometimes) with double XP. But less than 200? That is just pathetic. Talking of which, when was the last double XP?

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