Ways we can fix the Knife.

Ghosts Wii U

I haven't truly gotten mad at the Knife in this game(except when the infected lunge me 10 feet away), but I'll agree it needs fixing. Since so many people seem to exaggerate how OP it is, I decided to list ways that could help fix it.

- No Knife Lunge (Obvious Choice)

- Expand upon no AA on Snipers with No AA on 1 hit weapons (Shotguns, Snipers, Knife), this would fix both the Knife and Snap on shotgunners. (Me Gusta)

- Ballistic Vests Allow you to take Two knife Hits. (Needs to be done.)

- (I doubt this idea will make it into Ghosts, I've thought about it being in a CoD Game since BO2), The Player is not able to knife while being shot. (Seems fine with me)

If anybody else could brainstorm some RATIONAL ideas, please list em below!

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If you take lunge away you're never going to get a knife kill. The lunge is needed or don't even bother putting the knife in the game. They need to remove the ability to knife through bullets, this is the most annoying and it will help with some panic knifing. Also you can only lunge at what's inside your crosshairs; no more of this knifing around corners and 180* magnetic lunge BS.

Outside of that the OHK stays so long as the lengthy animations stays.

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Just reduce the lunge. Make it like BO2.

I say completely remove hipfire AA but keep ADS AA for Snipers(DA)

Remove all AA for Wiimote Sniping, remove sway, double scope sensitivity

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The Black Ops II lunge was pointless. I've stood directly over people oblivious to me and still had to knife 3 or 4 times to finally connect, if I was even able to connect at all

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lol, not able to knife while being shot???

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