Stacked Double Kills - Not Happening

Ghosts Wii U

Each time I'm presented with 2 enemies that are stacked (one is directly in front of the other), I can kill the first one, but the 2nd kills me. In CODs past, the bullets I used for enemy 1 would penetrate and kill enemy 2 as well. This has happened enough times for me to post about it, so it's pretty frequent.

Is this simply a lag issue? Anyone else seeing this? Or is this just a change in game mechanic?

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I don't know if the bullets go through them or not.  Either way I think it's lag.  Right now I'm getting normal games about half the time.  In those games I can kill multiple enemies.  If I'm lagging then just forget about it.  I'll die from the second guy in this scenario, or someone else, before I even hear their gunfire.  Just instantly die.  If i'm not lagging I actually have time to react to someone shooting, or kill the second guy in the scenario you described. 

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