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BobbyMcGee wrote:

I may have missed something but who is "dissing" devs? And not for nothin but in quite a few instances i think we have the right to complain, i mean i did buy the game.

Anyone who makes comments like "Treyarch sucks"  "Treyarch can't program"  "The devs don't know what they are doing".  "Treyarch doesn't care"  "The Devs don't care".

Stuff like that.  Complaining is one thing, but insulting them is another and it's not something we should be doing.  It's not constructive in any way.  It does nothing more than make them not want to interact with the community.  Some people will always do it though.  I wish the devs would simply ignore those comments just as we can ignore someone (yeah you know who) attempting to be a troll on one topic or another.

Instead of insulting them or expressing our frustration, it would be better to simply state what the issue is.  Maybe add why it's annoying as well, but do it in a nice, professional way.  I use the spawns as an example.  They are the worst I have ever seen.  It's very annoying to spawn right in the sights of the person that just killed you, and there isn't anything you can do too avoid dying in that situation.  Of course Treyarch can't fix that issue on their own.  I'm just using that as example of stating the issue, and why it's annoying, without saying "Treyarch sucks" or something to that effect.

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I really don't have much of a problem, if any, with A_Trey_U and his team.  I know that his team are specifically assigned to the Wii U and are tasked with handling Wii U specific bugs and porting over fixes and main code from the primary developers.

I don't know if they have any involvement with primary developments regarding Treyarch games, but it doesn't sound like they do.

My major irritation stems from the abundance of issues that I have experienced regarding the netcode and glitches that are the result of the primary devs who cater to the other consoles.  Pretty much all of the major issues people face with Wii U versions of the game are due to coding flaws that the Wii U team can't touch.  The majority of these issues are also present on the other platforms so we are not the only ones suffering (however, we are typically the last to enjoy any fixes if we are lucky enough to get them before Activision yank the Wii U team away).  This also makes it difficult to fix other Wii U specific problems when they have to tip toe around the main code that may be causing it.

We all need to vent this frustration and, unfortunatley for A_Trey_U who acts as a liason between the community and Wii U development team, he gets the full brunt of this venting.  He most likely does not deserve 99% of the discontent that gets hurled his way.  But I totally understand how everybody is feeling after dropping $$$/£££ on a rushed title that truly isn't fit for purchase.

There have been times where I have just wanted to let rip at A_Trey_U for just how much I paid to get screwed over by BO2.  I had it pre-ordered with my Wii U and was truly looking forward to some fair, clean competitive play after having to deal with the cheating and account hopping on the Wii.  But it wouldn't be entirely fair since he is not entirely to blame, if at all.

Regarding things like the Wiimote not being up to par during release (the things his team are responsible for)...  I don't know what to say.  I really don't want to make excuses and A_Trey_U will be limited in what he can reveal.  But in all fairness the Wii U team may not be that big so they have to prioritise what they work on.  In that situation they would have had to focus on porting the core game to the console in order to try and have something ready (even though it really wasn't) for the release deadline.  The Wiimote controls wouldn't have had the full testing it needed.  The arguement being that the control mechanics for Dual Analogs were there and the wiimote worked "enough" to get by.

But none of this makes me any happier.  I am still extremely pissed with how BO2 was and how much worse Ghosts appears.  However, I won't be taking a swing at the nearest employee on the off chance that they may be responsible.

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bughunt wrote:

.  He most likely does not deserve 99% of the discontent that gets hurled his way.

I don't entirely agree with this. He works for people who made a game that shouldn't be on the shelf yet. The company he works for/with got millions out of these games. Its his job, I'm sure he sleeps fine..

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I work at a grocery store. We have big bags but use the small ones to save money. Do I feel bad about it? Yes, but it's not up to me. They pay me and I'll gladly screw over the costumer.

ATreyU probably doesn't agree with the treatment we get, but there's not much he can do about it. It's his job, it puts cookies on the table. If he speaks up, he may get the boot.

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At the end of the day it's his job, it's where he makes his living.  With a well known corporation as big as Activision he would know better than to speak out against their practices.  He would lose his job in a heartbeat and, worse, may never work in his chosen profession again.

As Padiego said he may not agree with how things go down for us or with the quality of the product his name becomes associated with.  We don't even know his actual job position other than being a part of the team that is assigned to porting and Wii U specific problems and I do know that this job would carry restrictions.

But they sure did make their millions from BO2 and Ghosts and celebrated the number of sales, something I do not agree with based on the final quality of the product.  I don't know if they shared out the profits as bonuses just like wan...I mean...bankers or if A_Trey_U even got a cut of the profits.  We just don't know.

I'm not happy, I won't lie.  I'm pretty disgusted with how things have gone and still continue to go.  But I personally feel my anger is better directed at the people above A_Trey_U who are clearly the ones calling the crappy shots.

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He works for this company, he choses to, with my morals I couldn't, and would happily do something else. That's the kind of person I am. I just couldn't sleep at night. But if he can, then he doesn't and shouldn't take it personally. Its all down to lifes choices, and he made his choice..

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I completely get where you're coming from, yeah.  I tend to feel the same way.  Maybe for some people it isn't always black or white.

*sigh*  I don't know what to say.  We seem to have ventured deeper than we intended with this.

I don't know what side of the glass A_Trey_U stands regarding the whole situation and we will never know.  Maybe it is time for them to announce that they are going to extend testing and development by one year.  That extra time will ensure that the game is tested beyond beta and everything polished to a good degree before being pushed out to the public.  There will still be those bugs that slip through, it's the nature of the beast.  But there will be far fewer and easier to manage.

I know the developers would be thankful of this.  But the suits upstairs?  I can't seem them wanting to delay the time it takes to line their pockets.

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In the End it all comes down to money. Even though atreyu and team are cooll that not really the issue  its the fact that we should be treated equally as a community. with equal rights and stuff as the others. But  we dont.  how bout i say it in this way , they care more for microsoft and sony than they do nintendo.

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If anything, I was impressed at the response time that ATU and his team turned out a patch.

They obviously listened to the community here and acted accordingly in a fast professional manner.

I don't agree for a minute these games should be released as unfinished as they are sometimes, but the bottom line is and always will be about the shiny, shiny coins.

The grass is not always greener on the other side either. Look at Battlefield 4 for example.

It had an open beta to tweak the bugs on the last gen, that didn't help.

And the PS4 version is virtually unplayable from what friends tell me.

So don't think it's always us Wii U guys getting shafted by the man. The man is quite happy to shaft all gamers, regardless of platform.

I'm interested to read that a lot of issues are likely to be out of Treyarchs hands, that would answer many questions.

But someone should be accountable for the game breaking issues! It's lacking morals to carry on with this practise.

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MajorStains wrote:

It's lacking morals to carry on with this practise.

Maybe they decided to just quit, take what ever is left and bow out. Its a pattern I've seen with others things..

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