Muting Players @ ATU

Ghosts Wii U

In the lobby, you can mute/unmute individual players - this works well.

During gameplay, you can mute everyone, all but friends, or unmute all - this doesn't work well.

If you mute everyone and the game ends, unmuting everyone in the lobby doesn't always work. It also mutes me for some reason. Sometimes if I unmute in the lobby, they go back to being muted during the next match.

a) Can someone take a look at this?

b) I see that the XBOX 360 lets you mute individual players during gameplay. Can we get this too?


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Also can we get the ability to mute all except friends while in the lobby?  This is on the bug/glitch list.  But I'm typing it out anyway cause that's how I roll.

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Next patch from the looks of it

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My bad - didn't read the bug list good enough. Sorry for the dupe post

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