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Found this today  10 Reasons I’d Pick the Wii U over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Today |     was a greatly interesting read hopefully atreyu will look at this and say hey we need to give more support to wii U people because thats why the system lacks as i said before  a huge lack in 3rd party support.

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Ok people still aren't gonna buy CoD on the wii u LOL.

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yeah because IW screwed up so badly and we dont get support and we dont get dlc . No wonder sales are down when nintendo users are basicly the red headed step child and playstation and xbox are the sibilings that fight for top spot,  and then we got the extended family  ( steam box, etc)  thats way out there.  so no wonder we get treated like poop.  in the gaming family we the least liked.

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i dont think iw screwed up badly, fix the spawns and lag and i love it.

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