Has this ever happened to anyone else? (Solved)

Ghosts Wii U

Update - I know the cause

I can 100% confirm the cause of this is the connector between the Wiimote and the Nunchuk. I just had the issue happen to me again, and it went away as soon as I physically pushed in the nunchuk connector so as to make the connection between the nunchuk and Wiimote more solid. Obviously this isn't a long term solution, but it does conclusively prove that that's the cause of the problem.

Half an hour ago I was host of a full Australian lobby. I know I was host because when I left the match, the host migrated. Immediately after the match started, my Wiimote cursor on the screen was intermittently cutting out. It was happening for about 1/5 of a second at a time, every one or two seconds.

When the cursor cut out, the standard reticle was replaced by the red 'X' that you would normally see when the pointer is not pointing at the screen. While this was happening, button input wasn't being registered whenever the cursor was cutting out.

Now onto some history. This has happened in the past with Black Ops 2 and with a different Wiimote and nunchuk and also in Ghosts when I haven't been host. The Wiimote I was using with BO2 was a regular, non-Motionplus Wiimote. The Wiimote I was using today was a new (as in, 2 months old) Motionplus Wiimote and new nunchck.

I can't seem to figure out the cause. I have checked for and disabled any bluetooth devices in the area just in case they're causing interference - still happens. What's interesting is that this never happened not once in BO1 or MW3 on Wii. Please let me know if this has ever happened to you.

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i use ccp. whenever i have weird movements or glitchy acting controls the first thing i do is unplug and re-connect.

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I had a similar problem when Ghosts first came out, my 2 year old motion plus Wii remote and nunchuk kept disconnecting when moving into lobby or loading into a match up. It would just stop responding. I'd have to pull out and reconnect my nunchuk up to at least 7 times a night in a one hour session with this issue. I originally thought it was a issue with my nunchuk, so I purchased a new one but still had the same problem until I bought a new motion plus wiimote last week and I haven't experienced anymore disconnects since.

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