Has Anyone Heard About This?

Ghosts Wii U

Rumor has it, the Wii U version of Ghost is running some sort of code in this port that ran from MW3's Wii port and is allowing people to run hacks on their SD cards just like from MW3 Wii. Anybody hear about this?! I don't think it's true since the Wii U is still sort of un hackable at this time.

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apparently people have bee seeing hackers but  I haven't yet.

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Hackers need to be banned and fined. Then after that, remove their nuts (if theyve dropped yet)

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Give this man a medal.

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Okay, seriously when I first saw this thread I was thinking, "THIS BETTER NOT BE A BIRD IS THE WORD THREAD"

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To do that you'd still have to hack the WiiU system first I'm pretty sure which hasn't happened except in wii mode.

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The Wii U is not hacked and nor are any of the games.  There is also no "code" in Ghosts that make it exploitable to non-existant hacks.  What you are hearing is called "scaremongering".

It happened with BO2 and now is happening with Ghosts as people try to find an explanation for the stupid things that have been happening in game or are not happy about being beaten.

With BO2 we had the crappy netcode (and now a nasty exploit that I have struggled to let A_Trey_U know about) that meant just about anybody could walk all over you if you got the short straw regarding connection.  You would be shot around corners, get no hitmarkers, etc, etc, etc.

With Ghosts we have crappy netcode and a big handful of glitches and "out of map" exploits that people are using.  That means that, in addition to how it was for BO2, we now have people being shot ot of nowhere when they are really just on the other side of the wall that they glitched out of.  To many people that would seem like they are invisible when it is just flaws in the games code that people are exploiting.

I can understand how it must seem to players from the Wii who got so used to low life scum downloading codes and calling themselves "hackers" that calling "hax" is now second nature.  But the Wii U is not hacked.  There is no "code" that was ported that makes it exploitable.

This is just players who are exploiting massive flaws in a rushed game in order to boost their egos.

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Yeah I think it is a lie but some people have been claiming it is possible... Of course, the current-gen console versions of Ghost have been hacked... true story...

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