Glitch on Whiteout?

Ghosts Wii U

Possible glitch? Saw a guy on top of the triple masts next to the building south of the chopper and beached boat and that was right at the start of the match didn't see him do it again.

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I have to say I often get confused when I hear a soldier saying, "infantry in the open, North side" and stand there spinning in circles trying to figure out which is the North or South. Often gets me killed too.

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jeez same here. i could run past cod maps with my eyes closed but have no clue on direction like n,s,e,w, lol...

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lol, I'll buy you a compass as long as you share it with me

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IDK about a glitch, but avoid the spinning helicopter blades.  I saw some field orders sitting on the front of the helicopter.  Apparently whomever was carrying them jumped up there for some reason.  I saw field orders, hopped up there, and got killed by the blades.  lol It looked like I had room to grab them by jumping, but my character climbed up there and died when I tried to jump.  I think a few of us died that way in that match..

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Oh yeah... [cartoonish flash back]

Me: Ooh... I wonder if you can get on top of the chopper... er... [soldier screams]... Guess not... lol

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