Choosing partyleader: Does it have an impact on chances of hosting for that person or on matchmaking?

Ghosts Wii U

Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone has found out (or maybe A_Trey_U can answer this) if choosing the party leader has any influences on who is getting host? Or is it like MW3 where the person with the lowest response time will be the host. (BO1 on Wii was kinda different, in BO2 I gave up on observing)

And how does the search for a match work in Ghosts? Is the party leader the person who technicly is doing the search (BO Style) or is it like MW3 where a prepended ping test decides who will do the searching in the party no matter who is partyleader?

I ask this because if there is a way to minimize the chance of people with moderate NAT in the party becoming host or do the searching, this info could be helpful.

Also when playing in a party with people from different parts of the world it could be helpful to know if switching party leader makes any difference for finding matches. The game seems to look for regional matches before merging lobbies. Is this regional search dependent on the party leader (BO style) or on the person with the lowest ping (MW3 style)?

Thx for sharing your observations and experiences. (or maybe even for sharing your knowledge @A_Trey_U)

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