Are You Getting Bored of Ghost?

Ghosts Wii U


I'm not bored of Ghosts.  I'm bored of Call of Duty in general.  I mean, think about it guys.  Read the threads complaining about connections, campers, etc.  It's all the same as years past.  Over and over.  Overall, I actually do think that this is the best COD game yet, but the overall concept is played out.  I mean, I'll still play it from time to time, but I'm not 'addicted' to it like I used to be.  That's about it.  Ghosts is actually an excellent game, imo.

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Mostly just annoyed because the game does feel like a step back. It really has some good ideas, like how they nerfed the certain sights, like "Motion tracker", "Infrared sight" by making it you don't look down the entire scope. But, they dun goofed by putting in the Marksmen rifles and giving them the ability to be as versatile as they are, I mean just the burst attachment for these guns is downright outrageous.

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At least they have some nasty recoil with burst fire along with a slower fire rate

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With all due respect, Bub, first off Marksmen Rifles are slightly buffed semis from past games and even then they're not as good as BO2 FAL/SMR. Second Burst attachment is garbage on everything except the MR28 and even then you can get more shots off quicker in semi mode. MSBS eats it for breakfast and spits out its bones either way.

All the MRs need a buff, MR28 has too much damage drop off at range, IA2 has too much recoil, and aint nobody got time for the slow ass SVU/MK14

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How long you reckon till the MSBS will get nerfed? It's bound to happen being a 2 shot kill up to medium range and having a killing time over twice as fast as all the other ARs.

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