Are You Getting Bored of Ghost?

Ghosts Wii U


A lot of people I met seem bored of this game (even on my sisters PS3 community, they seem bored to). I get bored sometimes but not the "oh, I better go turn this game in" bored (I'm never going to do that). Of course, this is Infinity Ward's game we're talking about...

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kinda.... i'm certainly playing less than BO2. to be honest i expected to be better than BO2 but it seems like a step backwards.... i'll still play it, but I'm not as interested as before.

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Na, I haven't played it yet.

I've been playing a different version where you shoot and sometimes the bullets hit enemies but most of the time they don't. I can't wait for the real version to get released!

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Frustrated more than bored, but bored with playing the same people when they eventually come online..

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More getting bored of how people play the game. When I come across these lobbies that 3-4 people on the enemy team are sitting in the back of the map hardscoping the B flag or sitting in the most bizarre corners it kills the pace of the game. 6v6 makes this game slow enough. People also love their thermal scopes in this game.

I like Stormfront when people move around but so many people want to sit in those back buildings next to C and go 4-1 with 0 flag caps.

When people do that on my team I'm having to cap flags by myself or with 1 or 2 other guys while we're out numbered by 6 other guys.

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Spacious_Fissure wrote:

People also love their thermal scopes in this game.

I can't blame them, its too hard to see people with these graphics. Honestly, the graphics are nearly as bad as the old Wii, I expected improvement with the WiiU..

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Honestly I feel like its IW's fault. They made it to where only the first person to cap gets a pt. BO2 it was 200 score for everyone so everyone rushed to get caps. They need to fix it to where everyone gets 2 pts ASAP.

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Yeah, I go for B instead of my home flag and usually I'm the only one so it's not fair I am the only one that is going 14 - 30 each map for those that are afraid to die capturing a single flag.

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I'm not playing as much as I thought I would. In previous COD releases I would rush my kids to bed so I could run downstairs and play into the wee hours of the morning and then be tired at work the next day. Not happening. When I do get online I can't join lobbies with my friends and when I do I find our clan up against another really tough clan and I mute my friends so I can hear the foot steps just to stay 1 on my KDR. I'm having a real tough time being shot in the back and losing head to head gun battles so I have to listen really close to make sure someone doesn't knife me from behind. I don't know if it's the lag or what but I wasn't this bad at the previous CODs.

When I do find time to play I end up doing squad safe or whatever its called. That's kind of fun but there isn't enough people there yet.

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I just don't have the urge to play it. No real reason why.

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