Anyone who is a victim of quickscoping in Ghosts: MUST SEE!

Ghosts Wii U

Camping is: The S.trategic H.iding of I.mmobile T.roops?

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It's been said a bunch on these boards - get rid of AA for OHK weapons and that will end the debate. If they're good - then so be it, if they're not then they'll move to a different weapon. Either way, Activision won't get rid of it because they will LOSE SALES.

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*cough cough showoff cough cough*

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Why are you talking to yourself.

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Meant to reply to asiansensation

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Sorry if I appeared to be arrogant I definitely do not have that intention but you basically said the same thing in first post itself.....

Anyway, if you want to talk on civil terms my point is quick-scoping is OP for one reason-the TTK is 0 while for every other gun its over 0. My point is that its an easy glitch to exploit. Btw I use wii remote so I don't even quick scope usually.............

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quickscoping was deliberately put in the game so even crap players can feel like their good. same thing with target finders, thermal scopes and dual wield etc. theres always one op weapon too. it generates sales because theres always something for the poor players to compete with the skilled players. so everytime they say theyre taking it out, dont believe them. already proven themselves to be blatant liers.

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if this is the case put quick scoping back on the wii wimote then

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I don't think QS is a cheat. I do think it's a glitch and I think it has been exploited so it should be fixed like other exploits. From what I've read over the past few titles in videos and literature, it's an ADS mechanic glitch that allows them to fire before they should be able to. As far as gameplay, I don't see it in Hardcore at all. That's because NOBODY MOVES. Damn campers. Anyway, I went over to Core to get my gillie suit because people actually move, but I saw a CRAZY amount of quickscopers. It's annoying, I don't think it should be registering the shots it does, and it certainly shouldn't beat someone with quickdraw ADS shooting...but it's not cheating. Cheating is doing something the game doesn't support. The liars continue to make this game support it. Most likely due to all the YouTube channels promoting quickscoper feeds and thus, promoting the game, selling more of it. Free advertising! Yay!

I'm a purist. It's a sniper rifle, not a machine gun. No trigger spamming or run/gun allowed. Find a strategic location and hardscope snipe. Then move to a new location. None of this quickscoping idiotic crap.

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