Any Advice......please!

Ghosts Wii U

I find the best setup is usually Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand, Strong Arm, Quickdraw, and Grip. Sometimes I feel wild and slap on Blind Eye, but that usually gets me slapped and/or escorted out of Walmart.

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Eh, I never bothered with SOH because I'm good at making my clip last enough before having to reload. I run Dead Eye instead so I can maximize my damage when I reach the climax of my streak.

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nintendon't wrote:

Unwrapped with pulling out= MLG Pro skillz

Just make sure aim assist is off though.

My father once told my younger brother, after listening to my brother yell, cuss, and pretend to want to fight everyone in the family including the dogs, and while we were all sitting at the table eating dinner together:  "Man, I shoulda' just rolled over and shot you on the wall."   True story. 

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LMAO that is funny but cruel.

It's right up there with the "100,000 sperm...and you were the fastest?" line xD

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"I should've just used a sock...."

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Sounds like your Wii remote is having issues (for the most part, I didn't read all of it). Is it third-party? They're very well known for having quirky issues, and whoever suggested the issue being your nunchuck...I'm not sure why they thought that was it. I mean, you use the Wii remote for aiming down the scope, so try using a first-party Wii remote.

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i suggested that because he isnt having an issue aiming, so its not his mote. i gave the advice i did because i use wiimote for other games, and ccp for cod and that is exactly what happens to me and thats how i fix it...

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This happens to me from time to time. My old wiimote/chuk did it a lot so I bought a new one and it went away. Well, almost...from time to time it'll still wig out, but unplugging the chuk and plugging it back in usually solves it. Also, if batteries are low it'll freak out too.

Check your sensitivities to get that squared away. I also changed from Precision style to Pointer style which helps out a bit too.

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Have changed my settings, tried a new chuk and mote and unplugging/plugging in rebooting router etc lol.  This game is becoming unplayable for me, just not enjoying it at all.

The weapon swinging is not consistent, when it stays central the game seems ok but can change dramatically in a few minutes. lol.  Give it a bit more time and the going back to BO2.

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Check that the sensor bar is plugged in properly, if its not all the way in it can sometimes work but with certain issues. Happened to me once when I switched from the wii to the WiiU.

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