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Ghosts Wii U

How do you open party privacy?  I can't seem to join friend and they can't seem to join me unless they have been specifically invited.  It says that friends setting are private and that i can't join and vice versa.  Is there a way to make my party open like in BO2 so my friends can just jump in?

Secondly, Is there a way to mute individuals once a match has started?  i've run into several cases where the person didn't say a word in the lobby, but as soon as the match started they couldn't shutup and with the SFX volume so low it was VERY distracting and annoying.

Make that 3 questions.  Can the SFX volume be turned up for the headsets?  the chat is super loud but the sound effects are quiet.  Would love it if there was a way to adjust them like in BO2.

Otherwise, love the game so far!  Great Job, Treyarch!  Now about that FreeFall thing....(j/k)

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Beetle's two questions are mine as well!

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I think they are going for sound effects that represent distance and direction, but even close actions sound muted - the sound is just not very immersive. I would like for the explosions and gun fire to have some more oomph. Some mix settings would be nice.

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Muting - OR you get the little kids who think they are awesome by blaring a Pokemon theme song or something into their mic. I'm sure others would love to mute my whining about campers. This is being addressed in the bug thread though: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200791372#.Unu9OvnEaVo

Parties - I don't get this either. Sometimes an ally I can invite or join...sometimes they have a little lock next to their name and I can't. What does the lock mean? I haven't seen a place where you can set your party privacy to closed like BO2.

Sound - would love more control over audio as well. I have Afterglow headset and I want to crank that sh!t so it rumbles like they do in BO2! Who needs ear drums?

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I think the joining is on purpose to stop the boosters - you know wait for a match to start and then join their friends - so there friend can boost.  Only reason I could think of.

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I doubt it has anything to do with boosting if they wanted to stop that there are a million better ideas lol.

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Muting, if you press the start button, in game, there's an option of muting. I usually Mute all but friends!!

And as for the Party Privacy,,  That's REALLY getting on my nerves!!!

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Unfortunately, the game was made just that way. No one can join a party without an invite, and I believe how it works for games is: With this game its sophisticated enough where it won't let you join a friend's match and get put on the other team. If there's not a spot on the friend's team, the "Join Game" option will be locked. Of course there's possible exceptions, such as you pressing join before the game registers said friend's team as filled up, but before the server is full, in which you may be able to join and end up on opposite teams. you may also be able to join a pre game lobby and end up on opposite teams, and a friend can invite you to the game themselves regardless of if their team is full or not. As far as volume and muting issues, yes it is more unbalanced, but I myself can here most things unless someone is being annoyingly loud. I do not believe there is an option to alter any volume, only mute people or turn off game chat all together. As far as muting, I feel it needs to be addressed in an update. There should be a way to mute individuals while in-game. You can mute individuals out of game, but in game you can only go to the start/+ menu and mute all but friends or everybody. I've had problems with unmuting people after the match has ended when doing that, which is a little bit frustrating. Basically, when I mute them with one of those options, everybody stays muted after the match even when i unmute individuals. I have to unmute all from the start/+ menu in a following match to fix the problem.

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my questions too. or if you could turn chat sound down because if they're too lound and you turn them down, you turn the game sound down. which as you say its not very loud even with amplify on.

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