How do I get my money back?

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How do I get my money back?

Infinity Ward should be ashamed of themselves. I can't believe how bad this game is.

The graphics are terrible and the sound is god awful on so many levels.

The mix is wrong in 5.1. You only have a master volume slider in sound settings?!? No options for voice volume or changing sound cards etc.

The graphics look like a free to play game and the thing keeps on crashing on me, literally every second game.

I have a 4770k clocked at 4.8 water-cooled and a 680GTX and over clocked or not it still crashes all the time.

Theres no FOV, theres no dedicated servers, the lag is awful (checkout my first two games on ghosts)

Call of duty Ghosts PC 1st go (lag fest) - YouTube

Call of duty Ghosts PC 2nd go (lag fest) - YouTube

What a joke.

This forum is buggy as hell as well. Anyone tried to type an answer on as iOS device? Doesn't work.

Also why can't we read more than just whats on the first page of the forum? Is it so we can't see the scale of complaints against this game?

I want to get my money back for this pile of junk. IT DOESN'T WORK.

Crashes and flickering textures, lag, It's just a console port. We have been lied to.

This is before all the cheaters and hackers jump on it.

Someone should make a petition to boycott this game. The amount of money you make and you can't make a proper PC version?!?

You should also be sued for the 6GB minimum memory requirement IMO, as it is a blatant lie.

Are you getting back handers off Corsair or Kingston to put phoney limitations in place so they can sell more memory?

Just like the directX 11 minimum requirement, even though an Xbox 360 and PS3 can play it with directX 9!

I know an xbox 360 and PS3 haven't got 6GB of RAM.

This is just basic stuff. I could also say that the 3D support is non existent but that seems like such a minor gripe for such a broken game. SLI is buggy, physx is non existent to my eyes.

Then there's lag compensation, the dodgy mouse acceleration. what are you playing at?

If anyone says "it'll be fixed with an update" or "mouse lag is a windows 8.1 problem" that's not the point.

Games should be working when they leave the developers door. The internet and patch updates have killed game release quality.

When you used to get games on a cartridge they had to work. There was no update or patch.

As for the mouse acceleration issues. This game came out after windows 8.1 so it should address these blatant fundamental design flaws.

It's just excuses and letdowns,

I want my money back.

I have played every call of duty game for 1000's of hours since the very first game.

I have a fast machine and consider myself a true COD fanboy.

You have killed COD.

I played battlefield 4 and it blows this game out of the water.

I never thought I would say it but it truly does.

The GFX, the sound, it is truly next gen and I hated all the other Battlefield games.

You didn't listen, you didn't deliver. This is the last nail in the COD franchise for me.

I'm demanding my money back and will say goodbye to COD forever.

All the adverts and hype, it makes me angry. How can you neglect the PC version so much?

Sure you don't sell as many copies but you still make a shed load of money. It's like you want it to fail.

I'm off to play BF4. A game that evolves and improves rather than COD which devolves and under-delivers more and more with time.

Your silence on the forums only gives me confidence in my assumptions.

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Re: How do I get my money back?

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Hello Dudetheduke,

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback regarding Ghost in our forums. Please keep in mind that the title was just released so we will be continuously looking to improve features that our community wishes to implement.

At this time I will take this information and forward it along to our teams for further review.

In regards to your refund inquiry, that would unfortunately be something that you need to take up with the retailer from where you purchased the product as ATVI does not handle refund requests.



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Re: How do I get my money back?

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I dont share all the views of DUDETheDuke, but the primary problem i have with Call of Duty Ghosts is the sound settings. Black Ops 2 provided different sound profiles along with voice and effects volume settings. I can live without a ballistics knife but i am surprised your new title does not even include voice volume settings at the very least.

I do hope there is a title update which will improve the user settings not only for myself but also for other players.

Thank you for listening.

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Re: How do I get my money back?

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I would also like to enquire as to how I get my money back?

I've tried my retailer (steam) and I can't get in contact with them.

I would also like to expand on ops opinions and rebuke your statement about the game being new.

Modern Warefare 3 is two years old and it's still terrible. So with that evidence I have NO hope for Ghosts.

Everything that was promised to us has been a lie, personally I'm particularly annoyed at the um... ZERO dedicated servers in my area and it seems that the p2p has suffered because you were relying on these servers. I'm not a fan of hyperbole so believe me when I tell you there is always ALWAYS at least a 500ms lag when I play. Which means as soon as i see a player... (if the screen doesnt glitch and lag) Aiming or even firing is rutile. I have enough time to see a player and then I'm whisked away to the kill cam. This is unplayable seriously and steam are NO help. What am I meant to do?!

My system specs are almost identical to OP.

I would be glad to record some video in game for you if you don't believe me.

Also... I would NOT have brought this game if it weren't for squads mode, which is quite nice. But then you go and cap the XP and stick it online anyway! Not to mention the RIDICULOUS aim mechanics of bots. So even if the lag online is impossible, I can't play entirely offline with NO lag!

Please just tell me how to get my money back or an email address for steam. Steams support forums only direct me here. This is YOUR game and you have MY money. I want it back, it would be better spent on a game that actually delivers on what is advertised.

I have been tirelessly wading through the steam forums trying to help anyone with the game and troubleshooting problems but I'm at my whits end. I'm giving up. On these issues, on this game, on the franchise all together. One that I have been a patron of since the beginning.

So sad really, this game has so much potential but I'm affraid OP is right. Ghosts will be the last nail in the coffin for the Call of Duty franchise, at least for PC gamers anyway. If that's what you were aiming for then you have succeeded admirably.

So all I want is a way to get my money back, I don't want answers about patches (which the notes are CLEARLY console related) I'm just done. Please send me an email address for steam or give me my money back yourselves. I would gladly take steam store credit if required.


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Re: How do I get my money back?

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you wouldnt be able to get refund m8

trade it in

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Re: How do I get my money back?

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Im pretty sure steam doesn't offers refunds on downloadable content..

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