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Current State of Game (crazy hacking)

Now, in the past few days I've had my posts DELETED by IW for reporting the non-stop hacking thats occurring on the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

To summarize my experience I will say this: in TDM, every single game lobby I have been in (EVERY SINGLE ONE, and I am not exaggerating in the least here) - is a boosted exp lobby that has been hacked where every player on a particular team, sometimes both teams, are receiving 15k-30k-90k per kill exp, along with somewhere around 10k exp for assists. The current state of the game is completely broken, and the developers (and any potential customers reading this) should know that: right now, prestige is a joke, because you can go from level one to 60 in a hacked lobby in literally under 6 minutes. If that.

To add: I am also seeing aimbots in these games, where a particular player (I won't give a name) for example was aimbotting, and giving everyone bonus exp (the rates above), and as I watched the killcams I saw him shoot through walls without seeing anyone there, across the map, mouse instantly locked on - amongst other interesting issues. -

As developers, I would appreciate it if you only punish the parties involved in the actual hack, and not the players who have had the misfortune of being 'matchmade' with these lobbies.

Other issues: These lobbies often feature more than the map allowance of players, - a TDM is supposed to be 8-12 players, but these matches feature more than 20-30 players per match.

Infinity Ward - for deleting my posts, in which I did not slander your company, or mention any names, I have lost respect entirely for your company, and for your game design team, along with the moderators here.

I considered that perhaps you were actually interested in my feedback (which took time to give) about the state of your game, and the problem areas, where hackers seem to be exploiting some part of the system (you've got me, I've got no knowledge of coding, and any inspection of my copy of game data files will now and always reveal that I've never hacked - though, I do confess, your game over and over is pairing me in lobbies where boosted exp seems to be the going thing).

That is a sad sad fact. Your product as it stands isn't a product. This calls for a hotfix. - If this thing was a car, there would be a total recall on the product.

So get to work.

And stop trying to pinch your customers for their money until the game is fixed.



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Re: Current State of Game (crazy hacking)

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Welcome to the new customer service - delete posts they don't like.

These issues have been posted about around 2,000 times with 1,999 being deleted. The dismal player count on PC can tell you all you need to know. This version of CoD is dead as long as there remains peer-to-peer and not proper dedicated servers. They cannot stop the hacks/hacked lobbies until this happens and that is why the PC players left and left it to the hackers and the new buyers who have no clue.

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Re: Current State of Game (crazy hacking)

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OSnaptho wrote:

Other issues: These lobbies often feature more than the map allowance of players, - a TDM is supposed to be 8-12 players, but these matches feature more than 20-30 players per match.

Sorry for the Off Topic, but really? 20-30 players? I would like to see a screenshot of this if you could. I always thought all new CoDs since MW2 were only 12 players like consoles.
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Re: Current State of Game (crazy hacking)

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Here's a steam-group where you can post links to your youtube videos and name & shame cheaters. [REMOVED BY MODERATOR]

For some reason they don't want the truth out on these forums.

Hey IW/Activision! What is the reason of not allowing us to show the proof of cheating here to the community who plays the game? what's the big secret? An argument may come out of 1 of every 10 threads a cheater is pointed out or as you call it (name & shamed?).  So, close those threads down when it gets out of hand (if it does).

Pointing out the aimbots and cheaters on this forum should be allowed. This is supposed to be our cummunity forum for PC players, So we can discuss ALL ASPECTS of the game (including propblems with cheating) (and the players using these cheats) so we share evidence of the cheaters (who the actual legitimate players want to avoid).

why do you stop us from trying to keep each other informed of the cheaters playing your game on this site?

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Re: Current State of Game (crazy hacking)

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You are welcome to discuss the topic of cheating, but you cannot Name&Shame on our forums. (That includes links to place where Name&Shame is present). You also cannot post how-tos on cheating or direct people to places that teach how to cheat or offer cheats. There are several active threads on the topic of cheating, and you should do a search to add your thoughts to those existing discussions instead of making a new one (which is why this discussion will be locked).

If you have issues concerning forum policies or rules, you need to contact Foxhound-Pro . This is stated clearly under this link that is listed in the Community Etiquette Guidelines stickied at the top of this subforum.

We don't remove threads that we "don't like". Content is moderated based on the guidelines linked above and the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use for the site.

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