Community based AC-System? (Others go for it!)

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Community based AC-System? (Others go for it!)

I am a massive gamer since the first CoD titles was released in 2003. And with time we all had to witness how the Cheating topic was getting worse on all platforms (I got the PC and also have the XBox version). I have over 500 friends on Steam and XBox Live plus some real-life friends (most got the PlayStation) and almost all of them stated already they are not going to pre-order any new CoD-Titles. Not because of the gameplay but for the cheaters.

These kinds of games are simply based mainly in the challenge of the multiplayer part and so the frustration due to cheaters is extremely high and understandable. I hear pretty often that gamers will wait until game releases in 2014 and check out cheater videos on youtube or myvideo etc. (which was easy to find for CoD: Ghosts on the first day of release).

MW2 and MW3 still have a big fan community on all platforms. Each day you find thousands of gamers still playing these fantastic games. But most of them suffer due the cheater topic as we all can read at the forums and on these game-ranking-websites. Some PC Magazines even started to downgrade the ranking for these games due this cheater topic.

Before release of CoD: Ghost we were all excited to read this:

Then we had to read about this confessed PC-Cheater (Steam name Destiny) who voluntary self- disclosure himself to the Activision support on Tuesday, December 24, 2013, which ended up in hot air. This guy is still not banned and uses godmode, aimbot and wallhack. Even months after he gave his self-registering as a cheater to the support including his offer to disclosure all his cheats which was rejected as unnecessary by the support... he still received no ban.

Also he goes pretty public:

And there are tons of such videos easily find all over the web…

PC Magazine noticed this too and some even started to down rank this game (gamer based ranking). There are massive devaluations of the assessment. In particular the player rating falls in the basement but I guess we all know that.

For PC platform VAC does work pretty good, but unfortunately only for known public cheats (cheat signatures) plus delayed bans which provides additional frustration to the gamers. Bans on the consoles work well too, but the issue of cheater topics is still high classed inside the community. Here and there you can read these frustrated gamer issues about cheaters on all platforms. BO2 has indeed a “better” system since beside VAC a separate AC-system is in use but even here you will find countless cheater-reports/threads on all kind of forums on any platform.

Personally, I guess that the biggest gamer frustration is due to the fact that the community is not involved in this Anti-Cheater process by the game structure. Yeeahh you can report suspected cheaters, but with the current system as it is the “clean gamer” has the feeling that the Cheater Report function actually absolutely does nothing to help to solve or minimize this specific topic.

I would like to ask for a community based system that have the incentive to increase the gamer experience to play clean and to obtain a kind of distinction and giving us gamers the feeling of a working system which involves the most important part of each game = the players!

Some community based AC-Systems are already on Beta or already implemented in other games.

As an example I would like to call Steam (Beta Status):

Valve has been integrated Overwatch in CS: Global Offensive .

Valve Website:

A very clever system that allows a fair players reward and will punish cheaters (even if the use a VAC Disabler or a yet unknown cheat signature). This AC Tool inspired the CS community after a short time and wowed all gamers. This System can also easily be ported to consoles.

Only for the sake of completeness there is also a very similar system called "Tribunal" (League of Legends).

My questions on this topic:

-  Is something like this being considered by the Dev’s for upcoming CoD titles?

-  How about the chances that a community based AC-Tool will be integrated into "old" CoD titles?

(Since we all have smile in our faces every time we launch MW 3 and this "Pre-Order CoD: Ghosts now…" Message still pops up at the start screen I really doubt that the other CoD titles will get any optimizing these days. Nevertheless, it would be awesome if the previous title will also get some kind of community based Anti-Cheat System)

-  What do Activision users here in the forum think about this community based system (there might be some CS : GO players here as well)?

Thank you for your feedback ...

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