Clan War Hack/cheat

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Clan War Hack/cheat

Our clan has worked hard to win and move to gold division. The clan clan name deleted keeps getting ahead of us. I checked their roster. The clan is .09 KD, but the first to guys in the clan have a KD of 75 with a 99% win ratio and KD of 35 with a 83% win ratio. And rather impossible hours of playing.

CHeck out clan name deleted Their stats are impossible. We are losing first place to cheaters in the clan wars and there is no in game reporting for this kind of situation, clans cheating.

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Re: Clan War Hack/cheat

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Hey Subonegaming,

I know how frustrating this situation might be. However, if you suspect the violation of the Ghosts Online Code of Conduct, please report in game: Activision Support. Also, we do not allow Name & Scheme or reporting violations on our forums per our Ghosts Community Forum: Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines.



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