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Looking for a Clan

Hello. I am new to CoD and I am looking for a clan. I would like a casual clan. I work full time and go to school full time so I wont be able to play all the time or make many scheduled events.

Basically, I want a few people to play with, and I want the two clan skins to unlock the golden skin. I have never been in a clan so I dont know how much time that requires O.o


Like I said I am new. I have actual never played first person shooters before I got my ps4 except for the retro Halo if that counts.

I learn quick. I've gotten several emails from CoD. One says, "Congratulations, you got 20 hip fire kills in a match. that's in the top 10% of scores ever for this game." The other says, "Congratulations, you got 6 headshots in a match, That's in the top 30% of scores ever for this game."

I don't know if these really mean anything, but I guess its a point of pride for me as someone who never really played first person shooters before.

My KDA on my account says .67 or so, but as I receive these emails from CoD they say my KDA has been .91 and then 1.12 in two different weeks. I am better than what the KDA says on my account.

My name is Trogdor080 if you want to invite me to your clan. I'll check back periodically to see if I receive any offers here. Thanks

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Re: Looking for a Clan

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Go to www.thesgn.com and apply

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Re: Looking for a Clan

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you could check out www.domclan.org ... we are a casual gamers clan that cares more about personality then k/d.. its a community where we expect ppl to socialise in and feel home..

if i have to describe it then its for me a family, with an environment where no1 is left behind without a party to play in..

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that is the recruitment thread from our clan leadster

if you are interested, applications are done through the website

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