I don't post much...

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I don't post much...

but when i do.. haha. kidding.

i don't make many threads, but wanted to post this one real quick. everyone seems to be posting opinion threads and here is what i've noticed of this game:

1. it IS hard to see enemy players. i contribute this to the fact that i just don't know where to look for people yet. yes, i spawn RIGHT next or in front of enemy players, but not THAT often.

2. i can now run my laptop, my girlfriend can have Pandora playing, AND my phone is on wireless and i have no noticeable drop in game performance. with BO2 we had to have everything off, though the PS3s were wired. i know that seems odd.. but it's probably due to my older router. i don't know how IW is working their servers for this game (hybrid.. wha?), but it agrees with my setup. i'm very impressed and it is a huge step forward, IMO.

3. most of the maps seem to favor snipers. i'm cool with that, as BO2 maps made them mostly useless. at least now i have to be conscious of cover and not run out into the open like crazy. i find this both fun and challenging. plus, now i can snipe from time to time. i have noticed that the sniper scope isn't instantly locked on to the enemy player as they have in the past. before, i could bring the scope up and pretty much already be on target. now i have to bring it up, find the target, fire. a way to discourage quick-scoping?

4. snipers can now be invisible like they SHOULD be. very cool.

5. the game seems to be a lot more "realistic" than BO2, but still very much a video game. i don't mind the change at all.

though i'm new to the game, i give it a 7.5/10 so far. i'm sure i'll like it more as i get used to it. i'd still like to know how everyone sees me and i can't see them.. but as i learn the maps, i'll know where to look.

i still favor IW games to 3ARC all day long. pretty fun game. my only complaint is it takes FOREVER to get squad points.

thanks for reading, just wanted to share a positive review LOL.

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