23.37 UK time. Ghosts

Ghosts PC

23.37 UK time. Ghosts

I will say this slowly so there is no mistake.

There was T H R E E    T H O U S A N D    F I V E    H U N D R E D  3500 people on line WORLD WIDE. People  that is WORLD WIDE. My own personal view if you have ordered the map packs try and get your money back. I would call this game DEAD!

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Re: 23.37 UK time. Ghosts

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It's because It's PC and the game is hacked to death, you can get pirated version, so many different sites are selling cheats or giving them away for free.

It's not possible for any dev or anyone to keep up with this.

plus the huge guilds/clans that came from PC modding communities. They are all out here creating cheats for PC and using them. 99% of the great gamers/clans/guild playing FPS on pc are using an aimbot cheat and lying about it.

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Re: 23.37 UK time. Ghosts

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First, 100% there are hackers still to this day in Ghosts and in vast numbers compared to BO2. The thing that caught my eye is 'guilds/clans' statement.

I don't know about those statements, but I can think of a couple of clans that maybe a few have some fishy players and a couple-few that I'm pretty sure are Walling. Listen it takes an idiot not to notice an AimBot, they're like a 'Wall of Instant Death,' and I very (very) rarely run across one (AimBotter). Example - [Removed by Moderator]

Whoever is on the top of the opposing team's Leaderboard is the defacto hacker --- WRONG! Last night I was called a hacker 50-35 ... not 50 to 20, or 50 to 10, or 50 to 5, but having a 1.43 KDR (fact was most of my clan in that game had better, some much better, KDR's) and in the next game half way trough I was running negative. Now either I really, I do mean 'really' blow using a hack, or I need a hack refund, or reality DO NOT cheat. I don't need to!

If you play DOM then if you have e.g. A & B ... duh the opposing team is mostly spawning at C, or if you're losing A, B or C then duh some opposing player is 'ON' the losing flag; tip pre-fire on the losing flag going to it. Next if you play in a clan/team then throughout the entire match while using an open line of communication e.g. Vent/TeamSpeak/Steam/etc your location is being called out and after a kill or two if you're in the same spot half the opposing 'clan/team' is out gunning for you. Randoms fail to realize the power of call-outs! I've had my Squadmate called a hacker, thinking it was me, because people don't even know the Killstreaks?!

Further, what you see on your screen, Kill Cams included, and how your PC performs has zip to do with anyone but you; obvious excluded. I've spent hours eliminating FPS Stutter/Lag. One guy in our clan has a ~0.35 KDR and 100% is due to his 'cheap' PC with a two-gen old GPU; I've watched him identify an enemy and with his (to me) OMG frame stuttering lose gun fight after gun fight ... I know for a fact that he would easily triple if not more his KDR running my rig (i7-3930K, 2-WAY SLI GTX 770's, etc); it's painful to watch him play...I'd pull my hair out at the roots.

Compare my stats BO2 vs Ghosts -[Removed by Moderator]; compared to one of my friends TheXDeity (Korean Pro gamer) with a 5 KDR in BO2 I was a Noob. Now if we run into an obvious hacker then simple all of us leave. Further, your KDR is entirely influenced on both Matchmaking and your 'team.' In BO2 I was one of those players by the time I was on 'your' flag I had my Warthog or Lodestar; 2K hours in BO2 alone. Our clan =WFC= has a zero tolerance of hackers with an instant Vac Ban or suspected hacker expulsion policy in place, we practice in scrims, and many of us have known each other in some cases for years. About every 2-3 days someone called me a hacker ... prior CoD's through Ghosts. Most of my friends were PITA players on the opposing teams that I much rather play with than against, now multiply that times X6.

Matchmaking (no change) - Match Making & Parties - Prior Ban(s), Excessive Reports, Heuristic Detection

Hackers or Legit - Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

Input Lag & Settings (constant battles) - FoV 80 & Update 2/14/14

Again, I'm not in any way shape or form suggesting Ghosts (LMAO) is hack free, and I know it's way worst than BO2 for hackers. I do however know IW is banning players via VAC.

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