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I do play battlefield and infinty ward made cod, but to me treyarch only made zombies they should make call of duty into there own, okay I admit battlefield size maps is a stupid idea in cod maybe they can maps that are the size of maps like turbine and they can add tanks and motor bike and heli, because just doing something that was liked in waw then getting rid of it is crazy they can still keep that fast paced action like previous cods even with veichles

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Re: My idea for Future Call of Duty

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COD is not "small maps".

God I hate when people make statements about a game they've obviously never played before MW2. Treyarch blew it when they created these postage stamp maps for BO2. Even BO1 had better maps. All COD titles were "fast paced". But now we have tryhards and scrubs who think "spawn-kill-spawn-kill" is a game mode for COD.

Treyarch has to pull a rabbit out of the hat to get my attention the next time they think about releasing another COD title. They've totally lost all respect to me with CrapOps2. I will have to see a LOT of information, maps, and gameplay before I buy the next Treyarch COD title.

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Re: My idea for Future Call of Duty

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Oh my god, I couldn't agree more with this post.

I made a rant thread that got lost (looks like), about how I want people who played BO2 for their first CoD to feel completely out of place with ghosts.

No noob spawn killing.

No Running pistols and beating smgs.

No spam sniper. SVUS is more of an smg than anything.

No Omg I cant believe I got him haha Quickscopes.

No C4 across 50 yards ( I do this though)

No more LMG's mwith No kick.

Lets go back to skill.

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